Web applications for the textile and apparel industry

(11/11/2002 20:00)

The Internet is changing the competitive pattern of many industries, creating significant opportunities for companies to expand and improve their businesses and their customer relationships.
The textile industry is one of the largest “old-economy” sectors whose work patterns have been, till now, less impacted by the Internet.
However we can find interesting Web applications for the textile and apparel industry in three main areas:
B2C Catalog Buy
B2B Portals
Enterprise Applications. connecting ERP solutions

The paper overview B2C and B2B applications and describes the connection of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to the Internet in order streamline the supply chain, saving money, increasing customer service and doing better in the competitive world.

By: Ronnen Hagin

Submit Date: 11/11/2002 20:00

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