Assessing TQM tools for Introducing Continuous Quality Improvement in Apparel Industry

(6/7/2010 18:00)

The implementation of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) can not be successful without using suitable quality management tools: methods, techniques and instruments (MTI-s). MTI-s play a key role in a company-wide approach to continuos improvement (McQuater 1995). Over the past several years, much research has been conducted dealing with the importance of using MTI-s and the effects of MTI-s on the business performance. There is a widespread consensus that using MTI-s is a way of guiding the company towards continuous improvement. There is less agreement as to how many MTI-s actually are suitable for apparel industry and what the peculiarities of using them in clothing companies are.
The textile and garment manufacturing companies from Romania, which operate with a broad variety of products, have been making important decision about choosing the right way for implementing CQI. This paper provides an assessment of the extent and manner of quality practices in the textile and clothing industry from UK – country with a long experience on this subject. The main objective of the survey was to transfer the acquired knowledge to Romanian apparel industry. A structured interview technique was employed for data collection.
The paper begins with presentation of a 46 MTI-s model on the basis of an extensive TQM literature review. The main section of the article is focalised on an analysis with following objectives:
to study the extent to which quality management tools have been applied in the manufacturing sector;
to investigate order in which MTI-s were implemented within the companies so as to develop future training programs for Romanian firms;
to analyze the MTI-s models employed by different levels of management through all the product life stages in order to establish needs within Romanian apparel industry;
The results have been used in order to develop an integrated quality improvement tools (QIT) model that will provide important guidel

By: Eng. Ciobanu Varvara Technical University of Iasi, Romania

Submit Date: 6/7/2010 18:00

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