Technological AspeetsIn Printing Polyester/Cotton Blends

(11/11/2002 20:00)

The wide-spread use of Polyester/Cotton blends is due to the fiber technological advantages, to the favorable wear properties as well as their high resistance to wrinkling during washing. World production of textile printing of this blended fabric amounts to about 6 billion sq/m.
The paper discusses the limitations to the use of pigment printing techniques, and that for better quality of the prints and finished fabrics a combination of disperse and reactive dyestuffs have found increased interest for printing the blended fabrics. Theoretical points, working procedures as well as dyestuff selection are explained. Also optimum conditions for fixation and washing off the prints are discussed as well as the need for adequate pretreatment of the goods to be printed is emphasized.

By: Dr. Ahmed Hassan

Submit Date: 11/11/2002 20:00

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