A Web-based Fabric Information System For E-Business

(12/31/1999 20:00)

Recently, the number of textile industries having their own homepages to advertise their fabrics produced through the Internet and textile e-business web sites rapidly increase. Especially, the market for textile B2B (business to business) e-business is remarkably getting larger. Unfortunately, traditional fabric information systems based on direct meeting and trust cannot give sufficient information to numerous visitors of the Internet sites including fabric buyers. They can just view 2-dimensional fabric images, text-based specifications including fabric density, composition, colors, weight, etc. To solve these problems, a web-based fabric information system has been developed in this research.
The web-based fabric information system is composed of the following five modules
■ a 3D fabric drape image viewer to illustrate fabric appearances
■ a virtual wearing system to apply a fabric to garment designs
■ a fabric property viewer to confirm fabric characteristics
■ a QC (quality control) document generator to manufacture garments
with a fabric
■ a virtual display mall to view actual fabrics
The fabric information system is simply performed by visitors clicking the buttons hyperlinked with JAVA applets in web browser. Several commercial textile web sites currently use it and its additional contents have been developing. The web-based fabric information system enables the web site visitors to understand fabrics advertised in more details.
Topic: -Significant New Developments- or -Fabrics-
Key Words: Fabric Information, E-Business, Textile Internet Site
Contact Points: cezar@chonnam.ac.kr

By: Dr. Chang Kyu Park, Dr. Moo Sung Lee, Dr. Han Yong Jeon Faculty of Applied Chemistry, Chonnam Nati

Submit Date: 12/31/1999 20:00

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