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Coir fibre which is an extraction from husk of Coconuts-a fruit fibre family, possesses industrially important desirable qualities like resilience, extensibility and rot resistance. This author had identified its HIGH BREAK EXTENSIBILITY of COIR fibre recording 20-30%. With some difficulty this writer had produced better even yarn, hitherto not attempted on a Friction spinning machine. The results on its own 100% level COIR and with other multicomponent filament and fibre, revealed that this yarn could be used advantageously on NEW PRODUCT ranges by having COIR as Core and other fibre / filament as Sheath or vice versa according to end product requirements such as CONVEYOR BETLTINGS and in other high technical areas.

At present, COIR is use mainly to make Mattresses and Beddings of low Technical value items.

In this connection, series of experiments and tests are done on Coir, as well as, coupled with other Textiles, show some interesting application which could be advantageously exploited both from economics and biogradable angle. This paper deals all these and its future possibilities as the price of COIR fibre and availability are enormous and they are indeed attractive from third World countires.

All these are dealt in this paper.

By: subramaniam – arunachalam

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