Modernizing the Textile Industry in Developing Countries to Meet Global Demands

(6/7/2010 18:00)

In this new century, the driving force of any development must stem from three major aspects:
(1) Globalization
(2) Competitiveness
(3) Information
This paper deals with these aspects in general and in connection with the textile industry in particular. Specifically, the paper focuses on the interaction between organization image, relative quality, and price acceptance in a global competitive market. A significant portion of the paper deals with how developing countries can survive in a dynamically changing textile global market.
On the analytical side, this paper presents a pioneered concept developed by the authors in a recent Ph.D. dissertation (Pioneering Organizational Competitive Quality Strategy, Ahmed Kamel, Auburn University, 2001). This concept is called “Quality Superiority Triangle”. Using this triangle, different organizations can visualize their competitive status with respect to three basic elements: relative quality, consumer price acceptance, and relative image. A modernized textile industry must achieve an optimum interaction between these three elements in order to compete in a global market. The Quality Superiority Triangle can assist in determining the deficiency in any of these elements. In addition, it can clearly differentiate between three categories of product: price-differential, quality-differential, and image-differential.

By: Dr. Yehia El Mogahzy & Dr. Ahmed Kamel Auburn University & JPS Glass, USA

Submit Date: 6/7/2010 18:00

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