On-line QC Expert System for High Quality Garment Manufacturing

(12/31/1999 20:00)

Recently, the importance of QC (quality control) in high quality garment manufacturing is getting higher. Also, as on-line communication systems based on Internet, LAN, etc. rapidly introduced to apparel companies, traditional QC systems tend to be changed into on-line QC systems using EDI (electronic data interchange), etc. In this research, we have developed an on-line QC expert system for high quality garment manufacturing as a component of apparel CIMS (computer integrated manufacturing system).
The on-line QC expert system automatically generates a QC document written in natural language from the digital data measured by various instruments including the FAST system, the KITECH seam pucker tester, the fusible interlining adhesive force tester, the instron, etc., and then electronically send it to operators in actual manufacturing spots. The system can also directly control the digital controlled parameters of manufacturing facilities such as sewing machines, fusing machines, sponging machines, etc. through Internet or LAN.
The on-line QC expert system is composed of knowledge bases, inference engines, user interfaces, networking modules, control units, etc. The system running under the MS Windows can be connected with commercialized application programs including the MS Excel, etc. and also can integrate other measuring instruments and manufacturing facilities. The on-line QC expert system is expected to substitute for untrained human experts in QC labs of apparel companies.
Topic: -Quality Technology and New Opportunities- or -Apparel-
Key Words: Quality Control, Expert System, Garment Manufacturing,
On-line Control
Contact Points: abeille@kitech.re.kr, cezar@chonnam.ac.kr

By: Young A Ji, Dr. Chang Kyu Park*, Dr. Dae Hoon Lee, Dr. Seung Jin Kim** Textile & Apparel R&D Team,

Submit Date: 12/31/1999 20:00

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