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The Egyptian textile market is one of the biggest and most valuable in the world. This paper presents a visual color communications system between the dyehouses and the customers. Calibrated imaging is used, without carrying out a dyeing, to create a dye recipe and visualize its appearance and its color on a given fabric. Therefore, the result is accessible anywhere in Egypt within minutes of receiving the reflectance specification.

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Screen calibration to within a commercial tolerance Delta E of CMC across the full gamut of colour is provided. As a result, the simulation is numerically and visually accurate on all computers in the network, whether they are in Cairo, Giza, the 6th of October City, the 10th of Ramadan City, Alexandria, USA, Europe, Asia, or Africa.

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‘Virtual dyeings’ consisting of a visually accurate simulation of colour and texture, combined with a recipe and colour co-ordinates are provided. The virtual dyeing together with its appearance under any illuminate can then be viewed any where on the electronic network. The effect of adopting this approach is to eliminate a large number of trial dyeings and postal delays in agreeing the desired colour that is be dyed.

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It is also possible to obtain a wider discussion of alternative dye formulation that are more advantages commercially but have slightly different visual appearance.

By: K. K. Khaled and D. P. Oulton

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