Effect of Defuzzing methods on extent of preparation and dyeing of cotton fabrics

(6/7/2010 18:00)

Three defuzzing methods, viz. singeing, neutral cellulose and acid – cellulose enzymes, have been applied to two woven cotton fabrics, to remove protruding fibres , prior to scouring and half – bleaching . The effects of theses methods on the fabric properties before and after scouring and half-bleaching as well as on subsequent dyeing with reactive , direct and neutral dyes have been investigated . The results detailed in this paper indicate that: a) the extent of loss in weight and strength , the drop in fabric thickness as well as the enhancement in pill rating of defuzzed-grey cotton fabrics as a function of defuzzing method follow the descending order : Acid-Cellulose> Neutral-Cellulose > singeing > None , regardless of the used substrate , b) subsequent half-bleaching of the defuzzed –scoured cotton fabrics brings about a significant improvement in the whiteness index values along with a further improvement in water absorbency properties , and c) the extent of dyeing of defuzzed –scoured and half-bleached cotton fabrics is governed by : The defuzzing method ( the color yield of the dyed fabric samples follows the aforementioned order ) , the class of dyestuff as well as the type of cotton substrate.

By: N.A. Ibrahim*, T.M. Hassan** and M.M. Amer*** *National Research Centre, Textile Research Division,

Submit Date: 6/7/2010 18:00

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