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(6/7/2010 18:00)

Consumer-s buying behavior depends on look-and-see, and touch-and-feel of fabric in apparel shopping on-line with Quick Response based mass-customization. The purpose of this study is to investigate how is different on the consumer-s texture sensibility under on-line environment in order to give the direction for marketing strategy in apparel e-commerce.
16 textile swatches (Two representative swatches per 1 axis) for 8 axes were selected from the previous researches. The analyses of 60 questionnaires were conducted by frequency, and MANOVA using SPSS 10.0.
The results of this research were as follows:
Consumers recognized Homespun as natural, strong, and warm texture sensibility, but not as glossy, and transparent. Consumers had texture sensibility about Satin not as plain but as dense, flat, smooth, and glossy. Oxford was recognized by consumers as refreshing, and plain texture. Consumers recognized Muslin as flat and refreshing, Melton not as transparent but as warm, strong, dense, and natural, Denim as strong, Chiffon as flat, refreshing, thin, and smooth, Habutae as thin, transparent, refreshing, flat, glossy, and soft, Velvet as dense, soft, comfortable, warm, and high-class, Corduroy not transparent, thin, and flat but as warm, strong, and dense, Linen as sandy, Organza as flat, thin, and refreshing, Suede not as transparent but as strong, and warm, Taffeta as glossy, dense, modern, and soft, Single jersey as warm, natural, comfortable, nice, practical, and high-class, and Terry as warm, and dense.

By: Sangmoo Shin Associate professor, School of Textile & Fashion Informatics, Soongsil University, Kor

Submit Date: 6/7/2010 18:00

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