Novel Method for Preparation B-Cyclodextrin / Grafted Chitosan and it’s Application

(6/14/2010 18:00)

A noval technique for preparation of B-Cyclodextrin / grafted chitosan was carried out by reacting B-cyclodextrin citrate (B-CDC) with chitosan. B-cyclodextrin citrate (B-CDC) was synthesis by esterifying B-cyclodextrin with citric acid in presence / or absence of sodium hypophosphite as a catalyst in a dry process. Different factors affecting the preparation of B-CDC was studied to obtain B-CDC with high carboxyl content, such factors includes reaction temperature, citric acid concentration, material to liquor ratio and duration. B-CD/ grafted chitosan (B-CDGC) was prepared by coupling B-CDC with chitosan dissolved in different formic acid concentration. The reaction ingredients were subjected to different reaction conditions, such as temperature, material to liquor ratio, and different chitosan/CDC ratios. B-CDGC was evaluated by measuring the nitrogen content of chitosan and chitosan grafts. Structural analysis of CD and CD-derivatives was carried out using FTIR and elemental analysis

By: Dr. Khaled El-Tahlawy, Dr. Mohamed Gaafar & Dr. Safaa El-Rafie National Research Center, Egypt

Submit Date: 6/14/2010 18:00

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