The Aesthetics of Ikat in Ready-made clothes designing.

(11/11/2002 20:00)

· The Ikat is one of the subjects which never took what it deserves of studying.
The Ikat is an Art combines the fabric structures with printing aesthetics.
The Ikat technique was used throughout ancient history, almost everywhere (in Africa, Asia, America, etc.).
The research is concerned with the effects of decorative fabric structures (Dobby weaving designs) on the traditional decorations of Ikat.
The research is also concerned with applying the creative Ikat designs in the field of ready-made clothes for women according to fashion in the season of 2002.

By: Prof. Dr. Abdel Aziz Goudal, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abd-Alla ELGamal,Ass. Prof. Dr. Aly Al-Sayed Aly Kotb

Submit Date: 11/11/2002 20:00

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