Preparation and characterization of Guaran Carbamate as a thickener in Disperse Dye Printing pastes.

(11/11/2002 20:00)

Guaran gum was isolated from guar seeds and subjected to chemical modification via carbamation using different concentration of urea. The guaran carbamate samples analyzed for nitrogen. The results obtained indicate that, the maximum nitrogen content obtained on using 8g urea/20g guaran gum, further increase in urea concentration is accompanied by a decrease in the nitrogen content. Pastes of these derivatives are characterized by a Non-Newtonian pseudoplastic behaviour and their apparent viscosity decreases by increasing the nitrogen content. Utilization of guaran carbamate either alone or in admixture with a synthetic thickener namely carbopol (I.C.I) in printing polyester fabrics with disperse dyes was also investigated. It was found that, the K/S and fastness properties on using the aforementioned guaran derivatives are nearly comparable with the samples printed using carbopol.

By: S. H. Nassar

Submit Date: 11/11/2002 20:00

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