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In a climate of constant change and whiplash time frames textiles are becoming increasingly specialized integrating functions and properties. Most crucial changes have been brought in by advancement in manufacturing technology and information technology.
For any company to survive it is not only the production strategies that need to be looked into but more so are marketing strategies. Recent evolvement of consolidation, quick fashion cycles and large-scale orders necessitate logistics and infrastructural support.
Today’s consumer is enlightened and if he has host of high-tech, smart textiles at his disposal he would equally love to receive them as service package. This paradigm shift needs to be acted upon in the backdrop of WTO.
This paper basically through light on the following points————
1 Present Global Scenario of textile industry
*Smart textiles
*Remote diagnostics.
*Power of Internet [economy of speed and reach]
*Shift from manufacturing to management of supply chain.
*Humanistic culture towards MOTHER NATURE
2 Marketing strategies
Changing life styles and need for innovative marketing strategies.
* Paradigm shift in strategies
* Management fads viz – ERP, KM, BRANDISING, VIRAL MARKETING,
* Human Resource Development
Technology thrown ahead resulting in lagging of man -training required
3 King Consumer [Satisfaction—Delight—-Ecstasy!?]
*Cultural, geographical and physical needs of the consumer.
Already the difference between products and services has blurred significantly, winners will be those who provide an offer, which is both product and service simultaneously. Future success for marketing strategies more or less depends on how the production technology could be supplanted by the innovative marketing strategies.
While any future is unpredictable and uncertain, the new millennium, ahead

By: Prof. C.D. Kane, Prof. P.V. Kadole & Prof. A.A. Itagi DKTE’S Textile & Eng. Institute Ichalkaranji

Submit Date: 6/7/2010 18:00

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