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The experimental researches concerning the knitting process require different methods of measuring the forces which characterize, from dynamic point of view, this process. Most of these methods are, usually, adapted to circular knitting machines. The valuable results of this researches lead to the development of the loop forming mechanisms of the knitting machines.
The paper presents original contributions to experimental researches on the yarn tension during knitting on flat knitting machines which consist in the technique of measuring and recording the variation of the input tension of the yarn.
Taking into account the particularities of the knitting process on flat knitting machines concerning the kinematics and dynamics of loop formation, an original installation consisting of the knitting machine and the apparatus for measuring, recording and processing of the acquired values of the input tension was conceived.
In order to rise the technical standards of the measuring process, the electrical tensiometry method was used.
The authors’ original contributions consist in conceiving and achieving an electric sensor with resistive transducers mounted on a special yarn carrier adapted for the experimentations, in order to measure and record the input tension. This electric sensor together with the electronically devices (tensiometrical bridge, acquisition board and computer) form the complete measuring, recording and monitoring system. This system was used to investigate the influence of certain factors on input tension during knitting, such as: stitch depth, take-down tension and yarn count.
The most important characteristics of this system is the fact that it offers the data in real time and one can take the right measures for reducing the yarn tension in the knitting zone.

By: Lecturer eng.dr. Mariana Ursache, lecturer eng.dr. Viorica Serban, lecturer eng.dr. Laura Macovei, P

Submit Date: 11/11/2002 20:00

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