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In the machinery domain the CAD methods are frequently used than the classics ones, “to the drawing board”. The olds methods are replaced by the systems more and more performances that are able to assure a superior precision, the quickly modification actions and reduces the projection time. When these programs are specialized either in the tri-dimensional modeling or in the mechanism analyze, the dates transfer from a software to another (to realize a complete projection of the mechanism) is assure by the converters software. In many cases the projection can be done with the same software constituted of different modules dedicated to resolve diverse problems, ones of them studied in the present paper, like the following:· the tri-dimensional modeling of the parts geometry of the double chain stitch machine feeding mechanism (type ML 2001 produce in Romania);· the technical drawings generating for the mechanism’s parts;· the allocation of the mass and volume properties to the tri-dimensional shapes and the realizing of ML 2001 machine presentation catalogues;· the realizing of the montage scenes to simulate the real mechanism view and the parts montage succession required in the repairing and maintenance activities;· the simulating of the gravitational function of the mechanism, imposing the geometrical and cinematic constraints;· the verification of the accidental interference and strike of the mechanism’s parts during the real function;· the determination of each point appertaining to the feed plate;· the cinematic analyze for some points appertaining to the mechanism parts (the articulations centers, the mass centers e.g.), the speed and acceleration dimensions measuring.

By: Ecaterina PINTILIE, MSc,PhD, Viorica PAPAGHIUC, MSc,PhD,
Carmen LOGHIN, MSc,PhD, Costea BUDULAN, MS

Submit Date: 11/11/2002 20:00

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