Egypt’s Official Textile Window to the World.

There is no need to mention the vital impact that the Internet has played in every walk of life, and specifically in the business world. Faster, swifter, more efficient are adjectives synopsis with the breading of the Internet in our everyday business.

With international spotlight on Egypt, we need to be prepared.

Egypt’s Official Textile Industry Web Portal cannot be defined as a website for the industry neither can it be called a complete listing of the industry players. It involves so much more.

The number one aim of is to be the means by which any and all members of the industry whether direct or indirect, can converge in a complete and ideal business-to-business setting.

Imagine a business center catering to the Textile Industry alone, a business center that focuses on the Egyptian Industry but is open to the whole world to use. Any and all traffic related to Egypt’s textile industry and its affiliates would be routed through, providing the hub for the industry, to and from the rest of the world.