Biosorption of Metal Ions from Industrial Effluent


Biosorption of lead, chromium and calcium ions from aqueous solutions containing 5 and 15 parts per million(ppm), using untreated, bleached and acid treated jute, flax and hemp fibres was investigated on laboratory scale by inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry(ICP-OES). The percentage removal of the metal ions was found to depend on the type of fibre used, the atomic weight of the metals used, temperature, initial concentration and the treatment process. Both untreated and treated fibres adsorbed lead the most ensued by chromium. 14% calcium ion removal was achieved with bleached jute at 20°C. In case of lead ions, two-third of the experiments showed adsorption of 52.7% and above, while for chromium half of the experiments showed 44.5% and above adsorption.

By: K. Hazra and Dr. S. K. Mukhopadhyay Department of Textile Industries, University of Leeds, UK.

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