Textile Education and Training – An Australian Perspective

(12/31/1999 20:00)

The talk will highlight the difference between education and training from the point of view of sequnce,interaction and cost. The talk will include some history of Education and Training in Australia in the past 25 years and the future directions. It also will include practical example of how specific industry needs were met ,in the areas of Wool topmaking ,Compturised Sock Knitting, Knitting for Apparel production and in Non-Woven Production. The examples will illustrate the development of companies- needs into training programs with identifiable outcomes and how it could be achieved within specified time and budget framework.
The talk may also include the development of Diploma and degree courses. The latest Australian Government funded Training Packages and explanation of how those Training Packages could be tailored to meet specific needs,will also be included in the talk. This lecture will be of benefit to T.I. members in areas of education/training and Industry.

By: Dr. Ahmed Shaker RMIT University, Australia

Submit Date: 12/31/1999 20:00

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