An Investigation of the Hairness of Core-Spun Yarns Containing Spandex (Lycra )

(11/11/2002 20:00)

Hairiness is one of the important yarn characteristics, which affects weaving, knitting, preparation, dyeing and finishing process in textiles. As a result of increasing consumer expectations from textile products during the last decade, yarn hairiness has become an important quality parameter. In this study, the hairiness of core-spun yarns containing spandex that aim to meet consumer demands for more comfortable, convenient and versatile textile products was investigated.

Initially; yarn hairiness, measurement methods of hairiness and producing technique of core-spun yarn containing spandex (Lycra®) by using a modified ring spinning frame are simply explained. In the experimental part of the study, the influence of the core (Lycra®) and effects of winding process on hairiness of Polyester/Viscose (50/50) core-spun yarns are investigated.

As a result, S3 values which represent the total number of hairy ends that rise 3 mm or more from the yarn surface of the elastic core spun yarns are lower than that of the staple yarn produced with the same staple fibers. We also observed that the hairiness of the elastic core-spun yarns are becoming higher after winding process.

By: H. Gazi ORTLEK and Dr. Osman BABAARSLAN*

Submit Date: 11/11/2002 20:00

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