An Innovative Technique for the Design and Production of Multi-Axial Color Arrangement, Structure “Macs” Woven Textiles

(6/7/2010 18:00)

During the last 25 years, woven, as the oldest fabric structure, has restored its technological and economical position. Few examples from several new woven structure technique could be mentioned such as, tri-axial woven structures, three-dimensional woven fabrics, woven electronics ” cables ” and recently Smart woven fabrics ; or wearable computing systems. For decorative and fashion purposes, designers control woven artistic values by many structural factors, such as yarn count, yarn setting, color arrangement and fabric structure. Rarely, or nothing, mentioned about using yarn axial direction, as an artistic control factor by woven fabric designers. Fortunately, after several trails, we succeeded to obtain new technique for design new woven textile products, which mainly based on incorporation of ” multiplicity of yarn (ends & wefts) axis with multiplicity of yarns color arrangement; yarns counts; yarns setting and fabric structures ”
Considering its innovative character, the new technique (MACS) has comprehensively studied in five-parts research series. First part studied history and theory of MACS. Second – its design and production. Third- design and production of “MACS” architectural textiles. Forth- for fashion and dress design. And Fifth part presenting a proposal for mass production of MACS woven textiles.
In the first part of this research series history of our step-by-step trails has been reported using our archive illustrations and photos. Theory of woven structure using this new technique “Multi-Axial, Color-arrangement, Structure” (MACS) has described on a geometrical factors. Different fabric designs, produced using “MACS” technique have analyzed in detail.
A comprehensive research of design and production of Multi-Axial, Colorarrangement, Structure (MACS) has been carried out in this second part of 5-parts research series. Basic or main factors, controlling the ” MACS” design, from artistic point of view, have studies individually. Th

By: Dr. Eng. Tarek M. El-Shafeey
Lecturer of Textiles, Faculty of Specific Education, University of Tan

Submit Date: 6/7/2010 18:00

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