Development of a Colour Matching Support System in Bleaching and Dyeing

(12/31/1999 20:00)

Now Computer with reflectance spectrophotometer is used for color macthing and reformula that KLUBELKA-MUNK theory and color physic theory are basic. But the color macthing and reformula will be high efficiency and precision if only if process of sample dyeing si controlled. Therefore Supporting CCM program by development of microsoft access that is color matching support system in bleaching & dyeing in this thesis, has objective for
1) need to adjust 1st Predict formula for sample dyeing that will close to standard shade color.
2) reduce effect of the different strength with many lot of color.
3) need more information in sample dyeing.
Regression technique by SPSS program that is used to help Supporting CCM program in this thesis, has objective for modification 1st Predict formula’s sample dyeing that will close to standare shade color. To evaluate this thesis sample dyeing are dyed for Dark red, Red and orange standard-shade by Supporting CCM program testing and to be compaare 1st Predict formula with its modification formula, For the result of three shade dyeing, while the quantity of sample dyeing for equalize stadard color of Dark red shade has 2 times for 1st Predict formula with its modification formula sample dyeing, the quantity of red and orange shade are reducible form 3 times to 2 times. And first different color value between sample dyeing and standard color as first dE CMC2:1 of orange shade is increascible form 3.22 to 4.21, but first dE CMC2:1 is reducible form 2.05 to 1.34 for dark red shade and reducible form 2.28 to 1.24 for red shade. Finally result can be summary that is satisfied for this thesis.

By: Mr.Pichai Uttamapinant presented by Mr. Sutee Tappong United Textile Mills Co. Ltd, Thailand

Submit Date: 12/31/1999 20:00

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