Export Promotion of Nations – The Base of Global Connection of Countries’ Sector Development: New Marketing Tools and Practices in Export Promotion of Nations

(6/7/2010 18:00)

In the current transformation of the textile industry into globalization, the success of a single company is more and more related and depending on the general standing of the complete nation and its general reputation and standard of the industry. This fact will become even more important after the fall of the quotas in 2005, when countries will have to fight for the important buyers of the world market. The world textile and garment industry will be classified and divided in regions of specialization – in production departments. So will there be the department for cheap mass production (e.g. Asia), the department for sophisticate technical textiles (e.g. US, Canada, Middle & North Europe), and so on. The source of the production country will be a quality symbol and will qualify the identity of the product. The companies alone do not have the strength to promote more than their own company, which is less in the long term. Common promotion, export promotion of nations or regions in a country will play a part of the companies success. Former competitors from a same region have to come closer to survive together against other production regions. Nations and regions have to push themselves into the international scene. They do not have to sell only their products, but a philosophy of the production, putting an extra value to the production. A package of new ideas mixed with traditional marketing tools for modern export promotion is the success of the survival of the nations sector development. Like it is nowadays normal in the tourism industry, the same normality it has to be in future for a country to have modern and active export promotion for its textile industry. The paper will present and explain the different new and efficient developments in international export promotion for a sustainable effect of a nations textile and garment sector.

By: Henrik Kuffner
Kuffner Textile Company, Germany

Submit Date: 6/7/2010 18:00

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