Effect of knitting machine parameters on the knitted fabric faults

(6/7/2010 18:00)

Yarn quality, yarn preparation as well as knitting machine state and settings have a great influence on both knitting machine performance and fabric appearance. In this work for a certain yarn with a certain required specifications, which is suitable for a knitted fabric it had been studied the effect of some knitting machine parameters such as needles’ condition, number of feeders and machine speeds on the appearance and properties of grey, bleached and dyed fabrics. Also, the effect of yarn waxing on the machine performance and on the appearance and properties of grey fabric is investigated. It was found that by increasing the number of feeders, the thick-like places, the thin-like places, the nep-like and the holes increase. Moreover, by increasing the machine speed, the number of thick-like places decreases, the number of thin-like places, the nep-like and holes increase. On the other hand, as the needles are in good condition, the number of thick-like places, thin-like places, the nep-like and holes decrease.
Some fabric properties are affected when the number of feeders as well as when the needles are old. The dyeing and bleaching improve the fabric appearance, i.e. some fabric defects are embedded and disappeared. The percentage of wax added on the fed yarn to the knitting machine has a great influence on the knitting performance and the creation of the fabric defects.

By: M. El-Messiry, A.-B. Mito,G. Oweida Faculty of Engineering Textile Department , Alexandria Egypt

Submit Date: 6/7/2010 18:00

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