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This study have been done to compare OE and ring yarns spun from Egyptian long staple varieties and to find the order of arrangement of these varieties for these two systems of spinning based on the yarn strength lea product, as well as yarn evenness and imperfections. Long staple Giza 80, Giza 83, Giza 85 and Giza 86 in addition to the variety on trial Giza 90 and the promising hybrid Giza 81x Giza 83 were used in the present study. The produced ring spun carded yarns were 25s, 30s, 40s, and 50s of 4.2 twist factor for each count. Open-end carded spun yarns of 10s, 15s, 25s, 30s,and 40s of 4.2 twist factor for each count were produced using the Schlafhorst Auotocoro 288 OE rotor type machine recently introduced to CSRD, CRI., ARC. Experimental design was completely randomized with 4 repetitions. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) was used to find out the effect of varieties, count and the interaction between varieties x count on lea product in each of ring and OE spun yarns.
The obtained results can be summarized as follow:
Ring spun yarns showed significant differences in the lea product amongst the varieties and hybrid. The descending order with respect to lea product was Giza 86, Giza 85, Giza 90, Giza 81x Giza 83 (insignificant effect was shown between Giza 90 and the hybrid), Giza 83 and Giza 80. Lea product decreases significantly as the yarn goes finer from the coarser count 25s to the finer 50s.
The lea product of OE yarns of the different varieties and hybrid showed similar ring yarns trend of descending order for the varieties and the hybrid with respect to lea product. Lea product of Giza 90 and the hybrid differ significantly in OE spun yarns, while the difference was insignificant in ring spun yarns. The lea product showed also significant decrease as the count goes finer from 10s to 40s count.
OE spun yarns were of less lea product values than their corresponding of ring spun yarns. The percentages of decrease ranged from 20.11 % to 24.

By: M. R. A. Abdel-Maalk, K. I. K. Mabrouk and M. A. M. EL-Sayed

Cotton Research Institute, Agricult

Submit Date: 12/31/1999 20:00

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