The Effect of Heat-Treatment on the Electrical and Structural Properties of Activated Carbon Fibers

(6/14/2010 18:00)

The effect of heat-treatment on the electrical and structural properties of activated carbon non-woven fabric (ACF) was investigated. The heat-treatment of ACF was performed at low temperature rang 300-900:C under inert atmosphere. It was found by studying the I-V relationship that the volume resistivity of the heat-treated samples were decreased as the treatment temperature was increased. Through this treatment we were successful in decreasing the volume resistivity of the heat-treated ACF to 130 K ohm-cm, compared to 720 K ohm-cm for the as-received ACF. The structure of ACF maintained the turbostratic structure (amorphous) as reveled by XRD. It was also fund that there was a decrease in the micropore volume and increase in the meso and macropore volumes as the treatment temperature increased. These obtained results of the heat-treated ACF is of great benefits in the electrical applications of ACF.

By: M. F. Nasr*, B. I. Lee, and M. Ellison School of Material Science and Engineering, Clemson Universi

Submit Date: 6/14/2010 18:00

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