Factors Affecting the Performance of the Radar Absorbant Textile Materials of Different Types and Structures

(6/7/2010 18:00)

In military applications, electromagnetic properties of textiles made from special fabric structure and certain fibers play an important role in producing textile fabrics, characterized with high ability of camouflage. One of their strategic applications is the radar waves absorption, so not allowing the enemy to precisely determine the moving and mute targets using radars. The main research problem was to determine the affect of the composite fabrics structure parameters on the radar absorbance quality. Consequently recognize the best structural factors, affecting the design and performance of radar absorbing materials For this, different types with different structures of textile fabrics i.e. “woven, weft and warp knitted, with different warp and weft yarn qualities and count, stitch densities and courses” were accurately choosen and coated. For coating, several formulas and several types of carbon black were tested to determine the best chemical treatment in accordance with their functional performance, measured either on lab instruments, or on real field research. Optimum formulas and optimum fabrics structures were successfully determined for high radar absorption performance.

By: A.A.Hebeish (1), M.A.L.El-Gamal (2), R.A.M.Abdel-Hady(3) A.A.Abdel-Ziz(4) (1) Professor of Textile

Submit Date: 6/7/2010 18:00

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