The Industrial Placement Year

(12/31/1999 20:00)

Student academic ability and employability are of equal importance in the Higher Education agenda. However the knowledge, skills and competencies developed by students during their University life may not, on there own, be sufficient preparation for the world of work.
Most students gain temporary part time and holiday employment in a wide range of jobs, all of which aid the development of transferable skills and are a good foundation for any future employment. The industrial placement year however is the ideal springboard for each student to realise their full potential, in addition it enables them to discover the myriad of job opportunities that are available. It also adds significant value to the final year studies.
This paper will explain some of the differences between the student experiences in University academic life and their experiences in the environment of the clothing industry. Recognising the tensions and conflicts, which may arise between the diverse cultures. The pre-placement period in year two of the degree course is often the most demanding for the student as they have to continue with their academic work whilst also preparing for their placement year, attending interviews and learning about business practice. Coping with the two -different worlds – can be frustrating and confusing.
The outcome of these tensions is actually tremendously beneficial and once the bridge has been crossed the student actually settles into the workplace and readily accepts the challenges that are provided.
The second part of the paper will concentrate of the development of the student in the working environment and the unique position that a placement student holds within a company. This section will also concentrate on the company-s perspective and the way in which companies benefit from sponsoring and employing a student during the third year of a degree programme.
The company in return receives not only the talents and innovative ideas of

By: Angela Peers
The Manchester Metropolitan University, Department of Clothing Design and Technology,

Submit Date: 12/31/1999 20:00

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