Effect of Cotton Variety on Dyeing with Reactive and Direct Dyes

(6/7/2010 18:00)

Lake of color-homogeneity of some Egyptian cotton fabrics that arises from using different cotton varieties in one fabric is one of the most important drawbacks for the international marketing. The dyeing behaviour of extra long stable and long stable cotton fibers of different varieties namely Giza 45,70,77,88,83,85 and 86 were studied for Remazol® reactive dye, while the dyeing behaviour of the Sirius® direct dye was studied for Giza 45 and 85. The dyeing conditions kept constants (liquor ratio, time, temperature, electrolyte and alkali) for each dye. The colour of the dyed fibers was measured using CIE-L.a.b-system -using D65 illuminant- that used commonly in the colour measurement. The results showed that by varying the cotton variety there is a change in the colour components of the fibers that dyed with direct or reactive dyes.
Key words
Egyptian cottons- Colour measurement- Reactive dye- Direct dye- Dyeing problems- CIE-Lab system

By: Kh. El-Nagar* and A. A. Ramadan**
* Textile Testing Division, National Institute for Standards,

Submit Date: 6/7/2010 18:00

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