Improvement of the Thermophysiological Comfort with Modified Polypropylene Fibers

(6/7/2010 18:00)

The search and creation of new sophisticated products, with high economic added value added and original functional properties, based on existent technology, has awake a great interest, becoming decisive to increase competitiveness of the textile rank.
To attain this goal, they have been developed knit structures (designated by “functional knit structures”) with modified polypropylene fibers, in order to improve the thermal and physiological properties, and increase the utility value of the produced articles.
The experimental study of thermal and physiological properties of these “new functional knit structures”, in the wet state, is essentially related with these new modified polypropylene fibers, and also with the type of knit construction (number of suction channels) and composition of the functional knit structure (percentage of modified polypropylene).
The effect of time on the results, give us the necessary information for a deeper understanding of the behaviour of these products, allowing not only the evaluation and prediction of thermal and physiological comfort during wear, but also setting reference values for the above mentioned properties, in order to achieve greater comfort, that is one of the major aspects to be considered when buying and wearing a specific piece of cloth.
With the experimental and subjective evaluations made in this research work it was proved that the manufacture of cloths using this new structures, and this new kind of fiber will be an important contribution for a greater thermophisiological comfort. So, the development of this type of knitting products are winning more importance, and cloths made with new technology are more comfortable than ever.

By: Maria José Geraldes1, Lubos Hes2, Mário de Araujo3, A. Marcincin4 1 University of Beira Inte

Submit Date: 6/7/2010 18:00

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