Abu Bakr El Gondy, president of CAPMS stated that “st1:country-region w_st=”on”>”st1:place w_st=”on”>China”/st1:place>”/st1:country-region> is one of
the most importing countries for the Egyptian cotton with a percentage of 49.2%
of total export quantity.

Adding to that, total domestic consumption from
Egyptian cotton has declined by 75% during the agricultural season 2008/2009.”

Moreover, most of the consumed quantities where of
high qualities that reached 69 thousand kantars with 44.5% of total cotton
consumed. In addition to that, total consumption from imported cotton during
the same season reached 391 thousand kantars compared to 77 thousands kantars
in the previous season with a percentage increase of 408%.

Brigade Abu Bakr ensures that total quantity of cotton
that was gin in Egyptian factories has declined by 50% and most of it where of
high quality reached to 65.7% of total cotton during the period Dec. 2008 &
Feb.2009 and that all of the above developments was due to the decline of
cotton prices internationally and because of the decline of the cultivated
areas and replacing the cotton areas by other agricultural crops.”


Source:Al Masry Al Youm