The report referred to the decline of in quantities of cotton used by
21.7%, to reach 574 thousands kantars.

The report explained that there is a reduction in total consumption of
the Egyptian cotton in local spinners to reach 155 thousands kantars during the
period Dec. 2008 & Feb. 2009 by a percentage decrease of 75%, where it
comes at a time the consumption of imported cotton reaches 391 thousands
kantars by an increase of 407% over the same period last year.”

The report confirmed that the decline attained 50% in the cotton ginning
process to reach to total quality of 1,2 million kantar compared to 2,5million

DR. Hany Aelma, chairman of the board of directors of the Arab Company
for cotton ginning, said that this reduction was due to the lack of appropriate
amounts of domestic production of cotton.

Dr. Hany said that some governmental gins are completely stopped &
it’s continuing is just as a safe for the workers, referring to that activating
these gins depends on increasing production.”

He also ensures that because of the world crisis, the global demand
decreased and that’s why the quantity of cotton used decreased.”/span>.


Source:Al Masry Al Youm