The report pointed out an increase in the Egyptian
exports of ready-made garments & textile by 5% during the same period last
year reaching to 383 million USD compared to 366 million USD.”o:p> .”/o:p>”/span>.

Furthermore, Both of Bangladesh exports
have increased by 2.9 & 9.9% respectively, while China
India Mexico] and Jordon have decreased.”

Magdy Tolba, Former chief for ready-made export
council attributed the limited increase to the new foreign investments which
entered the sector during the pervious period, specially the Turkish

The exports are expected to increase to the end
of this year to 800 million USD compared to 914 million USD last year,
specially in the slowdown of growth rates achieved during the 1
half of this year.” Mady Tolba said.


Source:Al Masry Al youm