He added that the amount of contracts from the super-long staple
varieties of cotton reached 265 thousand and 290 per kantars with a 62.12% of
total contracts, while the amounts of contracts of long items reached 156
thousand & 530 per kantar with a 36.67% and that the proportion of the
total commitment of public enterprise sector companies is 16.46% of total
commitments, while the proportion of the total commitment of private companies
is about 85.54%.”

According to the data of the federation of cotton exporters, Eng.
Tharwat said that the amount of cotton that was shipped from the beginning of
the season in September 2008 was about 241 thousand & 310 kantars with
56.54% of total contracts. The total value of contracts 19 million, 651
thousand & 55 dollars.”

Dr. Mahmoud El Bagoury-General director of the committee that the amount
that has
been collected from various points season 2008/2009 amounted 802 thousand and
596 kantar.


Source:Ahram Newspaper