The Republic of Korea (RoK) topped the list
of markets with an 80 percent growth rate thanks to a reduction in
tariff in line with the ASEAN-RoK Free Trade Agreement. It was followed
by ASEAN, with a growth rate of 30 percent; the US, 23 percent and
Japan, 15 percent. …In addition, domestic companies have begun
to ship raw materials overseas, especially fibres, instead of only
finished products as previously. ” “..The Chairman of Vitas, Le
Quoc An, said that many businesses have received orders for the third
quarter and some even for the whole year plus prices have risen by 10-15
percent year-on-year. ” “..The industry is likely to reach its
yearly target of 10.5 billion USD in export turnover, including 1.8-1.9
billion USD from fibres, he said. ” “..To ensure sustainable
development, businesses have made every effort to boost domestic sales,
with an average annual growth rate up to between 15-18 percent” ..General
Director of the Vietnam Garments and Textiles Group Vu Duc Giang said
that the industry earned 6 trillion VND from the domestic market in the
first half of the year, a year-on-year increase of 28 percent. ..The
sector now has more than 1,500 shops and distributors across the
country. Many companies, including May 10, Nha Be, Viet Tien and Thang
Long, have opened shops to sell tailor-made products and linked up with
others to set up chains of stores” .