“The finest cotton of the world meets the expectations of the modern consumer, said Khalid Shoman, Executive Director of the association.”He added that the Cotton Society of Egypt is dedicated to creating a sustainable supply chain that supports the welfare of both workers and the environment. Partnering with UNIDO to support the BCI is one of many initiatives we are exploring in 2019 as we continue to deliver the brand.”BCI is the largest cotton of the world sustainability program, educating farmers and providing BCI standards to those who meet strict levels of sustainable production and employee care.”FAO is currently licensing 1.3 million farms in 21 countries and aims to secure the sector future by achieving 30% of world production according to the BCI standards by 2020. The project will be coordinated with a group of stakeholders to implement the BCI program for Egyptians.”The sustainability campaign is the latest step from the Cotton Egypt Association to modernize and establish the Egyptian Cotton trademark as the largest cotton in the world.”This is followed by a new accreditation process recently in partnership with the Veritas Office, which uses DNA technology to attract counterfeit goods.