“The Director of the Cotton Research Institute, during a telephone conversation with a program on the Nile News, said that Egypt began to restore the purity of Egyptian cotton and global markets, and this appeared in the new varieties produced in 2017, and the productivity of one acre of some farmers reached 12 kantar. .He pointed out that the Egyptian land can not dispense with Egyptian cotton because it fixes the soil. In addition to that, it is labor intensive crops, and contributes to reduce unemployment significantly.”The Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Ezzeddine Abu Setit, said that the crisis of receiving the cotton crop from the farmers last season will not be repeated this year. .He explained that at the beginning there were some requests from the factories and traders to increase the cultivated areas of cotton and the construction of larger areas of capacity. .He added that the increase of cultivated areas with the increase in the productivity of feddan, led to an increase in the expected production rate from 2.2 to 2.7 million kantar of cotton, what has been exported so far is only one million and 280 thousand kantar, adding that there are 300 thousand kantar obtained by the local gins.”The Minister of Supply, Agriculture, Trade and Industry, and the business sector, Dr. Mustapha Medbouli, entrusted the Prime Minister with a two-week plan to maintain the status of Egyptian cotton.div style=”font-family: tahoma, arial, helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 12px;”>.”


Source:Egypt Today