terms of fibre type, cotton dominated US apparel imports in 2009 with a
share of 59.1%. But manmade fibres dominated textile and apparel
imports as a whole with a 56.2% share”.The average price of US
textile and clothing imports fell for the first time in three years in
2009, to a new low of US$1.74 per sme. The average prices of imports
from China, Vietnam, India and Mexico-the USA’s four largest suppliers,
respectively-all fell, as did the average prices of imports from
Cambodia, Pakistan and Thailand. By contrast, there were increases in
the average prices of imports from Bangladesh, Honduras and Indonesia ..China
strengthened its lead as the USA’s biggest supplier in 2009, having
increased its share in both value and volume terms. However, imports
from the country declined in value terms, by 2.8%, and grew only
marginally in terms of volume, by 0.5%. Despite these developments,
China’s share of the US import market rose from 35.1% to 39.2% in value
terms and from 40.9% to 44.5% in volume. The fastest growing
supplier-at least in terms of volume-was Vietnam, as imports from the
country increased by 20.8% in terms of sme. In value terms, however,
imports from Vietnam declined by 1.7%. Imports from the other leading
suppliers fell in value and volume terms. Furthermore, imports from
Cambodia, Honduras, Mexico and Thailand all fell at double digit rates
and each lost market share. Meanwhile, the declines in imports from
Bangladesh, India and Indonesia were confined to single digits and each
country gained market share .


Source:The International News