“Though the growth rate was lower than the 25 per cent in February, Indian exports to the world’s largest textile market performed better than most of the other leading players. In value terms, Indian exports clocked $1.4 billion. While China’s was much higher at $4.7 billion, it grew by just 0.13 per cent.. .India’s highest growth was in apparel exports, which were higher by almost 21 per cent at $ 950 million.. .Comparatively, China’s apparel exports saw a dip in value terms at $2.9 billion. Pakistan’s apparel exports stood at $279 million.. .In volume terms, Indian textiles saw a modest growth of 12.3 per cent at 667 million metres. China’s exports grew by 3.5 per cent at 3,601 million metres.. .’There has been a comparative fall in every country’s exports to the US in March. This is just a seasonal drop. The demand and the numbers should pick up in the coming months,’ said an industry analyst.. .In volumes, Pakistan exports outperformed that of India and China’s.. .The neighbouring country’s total exports to the US grew by 18 per cent, one of the highest increases. It is the third largest exporter in volume terms.. .On the other hand, owing to its better per-unit returns and specialisation in value-added products, Indian exports fared better in value terms.. .In the latest figures released by the US Office of Textiles and Apparel, Indian exports have retained their third position in value terms .Source: Business Standard .