“Responding to a question during the question and answer session of NA,
he said that the total exports in the last quarter of 2010 was recorded
at Rs 497 billion. ” “..

He said that the country could export anything to India except those specified in Schedule I of the Export Policy Order 2009-10.
” “..

Fahim said that exports of goods specified in Schedule II of the Order
would be subject to certain conditions, adding that that the previous
regulating Schedules II and I apply to export to all the countries,
including India. ” “..

He said that in terms of Appendix ‘G’ of the Import Policy Order
2009-10, the items appearing against serial numbers 1 to 23, 45, 47, 48,
142, 211 to 214, 220, 269, 1,147, 1,149 to 1,194, 1,288 to 1,315 and
1,579 of the appendix are allowed through Wagah, which comes to 109
tariff lines at 8-digit HS Code. ” “..

The minister further added that the following items are exchangeable
with India through the Wagah Border: live animal, halal meat, potatoes,
tomatoes, onion, garlic, raw cane and beet sugar, oil cake and other
solid residues resulting from extraction of Soya bean oil, cement and
clinker, long staple cotton, short staple cotton, yarn, iron, paddy
harvesters and paddy dryers. ” “..

He informed the House that the total sum of foreign exchange incurred on
the import of edible oil during 2009-10 was $1,337.7 million and during
2010-11 it was $ 963.32 million, adding that the government had decided
to import 112,500 metric tonnes of urea during this year through the
Gwadar Port. ” “..

The federal minister maintained that the Trading Corporation of Pakistan
(TCP) has imported urea and wheat during the last three years through
the Gwadar Port. ” “..

Federal Minister for Religious Affairs, Syed Khurshid Shah, said that
export of cotton yarn was 275 million kilogrammes this year while it was
363 million kilogrammes last year but its price was high in the
domestic market.
” “..

He said that the export of textile and cotton industry is increasing due to the good policies of the government.
” “..

While responding to a question by PML-N member Raja Muhammad Asad Khan,
the minister said that there are several reasons for a shift of
Pakistani textile and cotton investors to Bangladesh. ”