“Prices of cotton variety, LRA-5166 rose by almost 52 per cent to Rs
114.11 per kg in 2010-11 (till January) against Rs 75.18 per kg in
2009-10, Minister of State for Textiles Panabaaka Lakshmi told the Rajya
Sabha in a written reply. ” “..

Similarly, prices of cotton variety DCH-32 rose by 28 per cent to Rs
150.23 per kg 2010-11 (till January) against Rs 117.40 per kg in
2009-10. ” “..

Prices of yarn also showed an upward trend with rate of Cone (count 30s)
rising by 30 per cent to Rs 167 per kg in 2010-11 (till January) as
against Rs 128 per kg in 2009-10. ” “..

Likewise, prices of Hank yarn (count 40s) rose by 44 per cent to Rs 210
per kg in 2010-11 (till January) as against Rs 146 per kg in 2009-10” “..

However, Lakshmi replied in negative on a question whether high prices were a fallout of low production. ” “..

“The production of raw cotton has increased from 290 lakh bales in
season 2008-09 to 295 lakh bales in 2009-10 and is estimated to grow to
329 lakh bales in 2010-11,” the minister said. ” “..

The production of cotton yarn has shown an increase of 12.6 per cent in
2010-11 (April-December) as compared to 2009-10 (April-December),
Lakshmi added.