During 2009-10, atleast 8.2 million cotton bales have been exported and
the remaining stocks carried forward to next year is likely to be about
5.5 million cotton bales, announced the Cotton Association of India
As per CAI’s balance sheet for the 2009-10 year, the overall supply of
cotton is estimated at 38.7 million bales, whereas the local
requirement remains constant at 25 million bales, leaving behind excess
of 13.7 million bales. .
For 2009-10, Gujarat is expected to produce 10.2 million cotton bales
as against 0.9 million bales in 2008-09. Also, Maharashtra’s estimated
cotton crop production is at 6.45 million bales as compared to 6.4
million bales of last year. For Andhra Pradesh the estimated figures
are 5.35 million bales for 2009-10, as compared to 5.22 million bales
of last year..
CAI is also dejected with the government’s decision for dragging
exports of raw cotton under a licensing regime and therefore, has
requested the government to re-shift raw cotton exports back under the
In addition, CAI has also urged the government to issue licenses to
cotton exporters for all the export contracts that have been registered
with the office of the textile commissioner before April 19, 2010.


Source:Al Youm AL Sabaa Newspaper