From January to May, textile exports rose
29.69% year on year to US$28.56 billion, and apparel exports increased
13.13% to US$41.65 billion. In May, the textile and apparel industry
saw total export value reach US$16.43 billion. .
In the period
from January to May, electromechanical product exports jumped 34.6%
year on year to US$337.43 billion, accounting for 59.4% of the
country’s total. The export of electronic products rose 36% to
US$137.18 billion and that of mechanical equipments rose 33.9% to
US$114.17 billion..
In the first five months, electromechanical
product imports rose 48.7% to US$246.7 billion, and automobile imports
reached 319,000 units. China imported 260 million tons of iron ore and
19.6 million tons of soy beans in the same period”