which, production of cotton fabrics reached 2.97139 billion meters in
March 2010, a slight increase compared to 2.9223 billion meters in
February”.National cotton production of scale enterprises fetched
7.82171 billion meters in the first quarter, up 34.03 percent year on
year ..Textiles demand picked up from the second half of last year
into the first quarter of this year, yarn and cloth production
increased significantly, apparel production remained steady increase.
At the same time, imbalance between supply and demand appeared,
especially cotton supply has been tight this year. Cotton price
continued to move higher all the way. In the coming months, the textile
industry will enter traditional off-season period from May to August,
production of cotton fabrics may relatively reduce ..In addition,
the U.S. market has started to improve, but the European market is yet
to resume, once the debt crisis in Europe spreads, it could aggravate
the financial crisis. This short-lived recovery will disappear.
Therefore, in the face of uncertain market outlook, textile enterprises
should seize opportunities and realize timely adjustments by making
good use of current situation .