Eng Tharwat Menyawi Chairman of the Board of
Arbitration and Cotton Tests that the value of total export deals for
Egyptian cotton amounted to $ 125 million so that the twenty-third week
of the current export season, indicating that the total amount of
export deals for Egyptian cotton reached 1.1 million metric quintals of
Mr. Menyawi that the number of importers of Egyptian cotton 21
countries with India at the top of the list followed by China, Pakistan
.. Pointing out that the percentage of links to public sector companies
and number 6 companies amounted to 14% of total transactions while the
percentage of links to private sector companies, 86.22%..
He pointed out that the amount of items super-long contracts that
reached 27% of the total contracts, also increased the amount of
contracts for long items to 73% .. He said, adding that Giza 86 “long”
received the highest rate of contracts of items long-hitting 71%,
followed by Giza 88 “long-excellent” 25%..
And on the prices of Egyptian cotton contracts,it has revealed a steady
rise in the prices of Egyptian cotton contracts excellent long during
the last week the price of U.S. pima cotton by 27 cents / lb to reach
132 cents / pound by 8 cents / lb-class Egyptian rival Giza / 86 to
reach to 106 cents / lb and by 30 cents / lb of Giza / 88 to 135 cents
/ lb and by 15 cents / lb for cotton Sudanese Barakat up to 104 cents /
lb, compared with prices start of the season.