FastReact Evolution planning solution has been installed and has been
fully integrated with the Movex business system to provide a
centralised and effective planning environment. The installation of
FastReact has removed the reliance on spreadsheet technology and has
enabled the planners to focus on issue resolution as opposed to
spreadsheet manipulation. .
A phased approach to implementation was undertaken with FastReact being
initially installed in a single factory with 15 lines. The
implementation proved so effective that it was quickly rolled out to
the other 3 factories with another 51 lines. When asked about the
implementation of FastReact, Mursi Shammas, IT Manager at Delta
commented “The level of support provided has been excellent”..
Since the implementation of FastReact, Delta are no longer using
spreadsheets to plan. This has resulted in many business benefits being
achieved including better On Time Delivery Performance (OTDP) to
customers, better staff utilisation and increased production
efficiency. “Production Efficiency has increased by around 10%, through
the introduction of FastReact” explained Mursi Shammas..
Production is based in a mixture of own plant and various CMT
subcontractors. With around 3000 employees across 4 factories, Delta
Textile Egypt produce an average of around 80,000-85,000 pieces per
day. They also have the ability to handle a high volume of small order
quantities (300-500 pieces per order)..
The main business system in use at Delta is Movex, which had been
enhanced through own development. However, before FastReact was
installed, planning was mainly performed on spreadsheets..
These largely manual based systems caused a lack of visibility and
proved very difficult to amend when customer requirements changed.
Planners were not able to see the knock on effect of any changes made,
which meant that much ‘fire-fighting’ needed to take place to ensure
that customer deliveries were made on time..
Delta is a leading global apparel company specialising in intimate
apparel, men’s underwear and socks. The company produces customised,
innovative fashion and basic apparel for leading retailers and brands
around the world. Since its inception in 1975, Delta has expanded to
encompass design, development and manufacturing centres on four
continents servicing over 50 customers in the US, the UK &
continental Europe with more than 10,500 employees located worldwide..
Delta provide customers with customised vertical solutions, which
encompass every stage of production, from initial design and
development through manufacture of fabrics, accessories and garments to
logistics, distribution and replenishment. Delta Textile Egypt is a
vertically integrated underwear manufacturing business who manufacture
a varied range of different products for customers including: M&S,
Calvin Klein, Tommy, Hugo Boss, Victoria Secret, Kmart, Wal Mart,
Pierre Cardin, Dim and Targe