The goal of the textile and clothing sector in 2010 was 12 billion U.S.
dollars in export revenue in 2015 reached 18 billion U.S. dollars, in
2020 to 250 billion U.S. dollars”
.At present, Vietnam is the world’s 10 largest apparel exporter, exports in 2008 reached 91 billion U.S. dollars. “span id=”more-520″>”/span>Vietnam’s
Trade Ministry of Industry believes that if the Vietnamese are able to
maintain current production and export growth, this goal can be
achieved .
.However, the Vietnam Textile and Apparel Association (Vitas)
predicted that the U.S. financial crisis and recession in the world
economy, Vietnam’s exports will decline .
.The United States is Vietnam’s largest market, accounting for the
total market share of Vietnam’s 55%, followed by the EU, accounting for
20%; Japan accounted for 10% .
.Vietnam Textile and Apparel Association predicts this year’s export
revenue to grow 5% to 92-95 million. Vietnam’s textiles and clothing
are the main export sectors, after crude oil exports. Vietnam’s crude
oil exports account for 15% of export earnings .