major businesses report that the number of orders in 2010 is much
larger than in 2009 to make it possible for them to pick the most
financially beneficial ones..To fill these orders, the Ministry
of Industry and Trade has asked the textile and garment industry to
increase productivity by about 12 percent against 2009 and export
US$10-10.5 billion worth of products this year…Le Tien Truong,
Vice Director General of the Vinatex Group, attributes these positive
trends to the dynamism of local manufacturers, who have made an all-out
effort to seek new markets, including smaller ones such as Turkey, the
Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe. He says that Vietnamese
businesses in this sector are even able to export some materials, such
as cloth and polyester fibre…Apart from casual clothes,
Vietnamese businesses have increased the volume of new textile and
garment exports, such as silk products, shipped to even fastidious
markets…The International Monetary Fund has predicted the
world’s GDP growth at about 2.2 percent in 2010 – which would give a
boost to the purchasing power of markets like the US, Europe and Japan…However,
the industry cannot be overoptimistic as it has difficulty coping with
some challenge arising from an unstable workforce…Additionally,
the sector will be put under increasing pressure from the US’s Consumer
Product Safety Act (CPSA), which requires manufacturers to be held
responsible for any damage to consumers…In the face of these
difficulties, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has approved a project
to build state-of-the-art laboratories to test the quality of textiles
and garments…In 2010, the Vinatex group will invest more than
VND1,100 billion in an effort to make a breakthrough in both technology
and productivity. It will also forge stronger links with import-export
businesses and restructure the supply of input materials to raise the
local content of its products by moving some factories to boroughs and
other rural areas that are convenient for both transport of products
and trade development…Last but not least is to constantly improve its competitiveness and produce more fashionable goods at a higher value./..