“Exports in April reached $7.3 billion, roughly $1.4 billion lower than the previous month. . .

The office attributed the four- month figure to the high prices of many
export staples, especially cassava that doubled in value against the
same period last year, earning the country $515 million, in the first
four months. . .

Garments and textiles were the country’s largest earner in that time at
nearly $3.93 billion, followed by crude oil at $2.46 billion. . .The country, meanwhile, spent $31.83 billion on imports, up 29.1 per
cent over the first four months of last year, pushing the national trade
deficit to nearly $4.9 billion, up 6 per cent over the same period last
year. . .

Import value for machines and equipment topped more than $4.68 billion,
followed by petroleum at $3.58 billion and textile fabric at $2.11
billion. . .

The ministry expects the total export volume of rice to reach about 7 million tonnes this year. . .

Exports reached 675,000 tonnes in volume and $1.4 billion in value for the first four months. .”