“According to disaggregate data, for April-September 2010-11 period, the
share of the US in India’s total textile exports has increased to about
20 per cent from a shade in the 19 per cent in the year ago. ” “..

On the other hand, the 27-nation bloc EU contributed 4.50 percentage
points less to India’s textiles exports at 29.81 per cent for the period
under review. Trade analysts attribute the contrasting trend to a pick-
-up in the US economy while several countries of EU are facing
financial troubles and lack of economic confidence. ” “..

Between them the US and the EU account for about 50 per cent of textile
exports, which faced difficult times following the recession in these
economies between 2008 and 2009. However, the situation has improved in
the current financial year. According to the aggregate data, textiles
exports as a whole have increased by about 20 per cent between
April-January period. ” “..

The country specific trade data is available only till September 2010.
While the textile exports have picked up this year, the ready-made
garment component did not show much growth which came mainly from the
man-made fibre and cotton made ups”